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Jay Johnson JohnsonJa at
Tue Jan 30 13:02:14 EST 2007

SketchUp is very intuitive software and easy to get started.  Their
online tutorials are very well done and you can create something
passable with only a hour or so of learning.  Well suited to quick
sketches of proposed buildings, developments, etc. (strong architectural
roots to this software).  I've attached a screenshot of a quick model of
the Leon County Public Works building - there is a library of elements
(people, vehicles, plants, furniture) that you can easily bring into the

A bit more troublesome to work with building footprints from GIS, but
doable with some simplification.  Ability to paste photos as textures
onto building sides/roofs is useful for enhanced realism.  Rendering a
SketchUp model inside ArcGIS seems to lose significant detail (textures
and materials), but that may be newbie user error!  

Good luck and let us know if you create something neat!

Jay Johnson
Leon County Public Works
Tallahassee/Leon County Interlocal GIS
(850) 606-1529

>>> "Brandt, Holli" <HBrandt at> 01/30/07 10:32 AM >>>
Hey Everyone -
I just found out about Google SketchUP ......  I feel as though I may
a bit behind the times.    Anyone else out there playing with this
software?  What are your thoughts?
Thanks - Holli 

Holli M. Brandt
Ecology & Environment, Inc.
324 Southport Circle, Suite 103  Note New Contact Information!!
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
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