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I assume you are zooming around inside of AutoCAD when you are doing this. There are two setting you should try, PDMODE and PDSIZE. PDMODE controls how points are symbolized. PDSIZE controls the size of those symbols. Try adjusting those settings.
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This may seem simple to some of you, but it plagues me.  Tripp, I am sure you will be able to help me on this. 

I need to give a surveyor a CAD file that will contain point locations with associated attribute labels.  I have always exported a SHP to CAD using a 3rd party piece of software (Arcv2CAD 3.2 Rev E.60 Shapefile to DXF/DWG Converter.)  This converter has always worked famously, converting from SHP polyline to CAD.  However, when I export the SHP point file, it loads in CAD as crosses that show the point location by the intersection of the two lines.  However, when zooming into the DWG these lines merge across each other, cross each other and it is impossible to see where each point should be located.  

I am sure there is a simple work around for this, somebody please point me in the right direction.




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