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I have used both Map and ArcGIS though my Map skills are a bit rusty. I
am taking a refresher class next week so I will be better able to tell
what abilities the latest release has much better then.
Based on my current experience and what I have seen on Autodesk's
discussion groups, Autodesk Map is not a bad product for data editing.
Since it is CAD based, it's editing tools are much more refined than
those in ArcGIS. However it's analysis and display tools are clunky and
limited when compared to ArcGIS or ArcView. For example it has a limit
on the size of images it can handle, 2 GB, and even if you remove an
image it does not purge the memory. You must completely come out of the
program and sometimes even reboot the machine. SIDs and ECWs will allow
you to work around that but it requires another plug-in. You can do
thematics with it but what takes a few clicks in ArcGIS takes many more
in Map.  It also does not handle large data sets well. Map does support
multi-user edit through the use of object locking. We have found this is
problematic to say the least. 
As to modeling Map does not have any real native capability. It will do
simple network type traces much like basic ArcGIS. If you want to do
serious modeling you need additional software such as Haestad Methods or
So I would recommend using Map as an editing tool based on what I know
now. Map will connect to ArcSDE, Personal Geodatabases (with a 3rd Party
FDO connector), and Shapefiles without the need to convert. Plus it can
import and export to MID, MIF, DGN, Coverages, Shapefiles and SDF. I
will try to remember to post more once I have taken the refresher class.

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Hi all, I am not very familiar with AutoDesk Map but understand that it
can now manage geospatial data very similar to ArcGIS.  Upon quick
review, nothing really stood out as a major shortfall with its
capabilities to query, project and do analysis.  Can anyone that is
familiar with Map give me any specifics on areas where it is limited in
its functionality with spatial data (possibly modeling)? Thanks! Kristal


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