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 <> Keck & Wood, Inc. is offering several GIS
classes for ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView, ArcEditor, & ArcInfo) in the
upcoming months. 

What & When:

Introduction to ArcGIS I -  Aug 20-21, Oct 15 -16, Nov 15-16th


This two day ESRI developed class begins the foundation for becoming a
successful ArcView(r), ArcEditor(tm), or ArcInfo(tm) user. This course
covers fundamental GIS concepts as well as how to query a GIS database,
manipulate tabular data, edit spatial and attribute data, and present
data clearly and efficiently using maps and charts. Participants learn
how to use ArcMap(tm), ArcCatalog(tm), and ArcToolbox(tm) and explore
how these applications work together to provide a complete GIS software


Our November class is being offered as part of the SHRUG GIS workshop
<>  in Tallahassee FL.


> Introduction to ArcGIS II - Aug 22-24, Oct 17-19


Extend what you learned in Introduction to ArcGIS I with further
exploration of ArcMap and ArcCatalog. This three day ESRI developed
course focuses on spatial analysis, automation of spatial and attribute
data, editing, and advanced options for cartographic display. A portion
of the class is reserved for carrying out an analysis project and
applying many of the new skills and techniques learned in this course.
Participants conduct queries, perform spatial analysis, and present
their results in a hard-copy map.


pdf> Using AutoCAD data in ArcGIS - Nov 15-16th


With the ever increasing need for design and GIS professionals to share
data, it is critical that GIS users understand and are able to make use
of data created with Autodesk's AutoCAD(r) Software.  Using AutoCAD Data
in ArcGIS is a two day class that explains the dwg format and how to
integrate them into standard ESRI data formats such as shapefiles and
geodatabases. This class was developed by Keck & Wood based on our many
years of experience having to share data between our engineers and our
GIS professionals.


Our November class is being offered as part of the SHRUG GIS workshop
<>  in Tallahassee FL.


pdf> Autodesk Map 3D Fundamentals - June 18-20


This three-day course introduces participants to Autodesk Map 3D(tm) and
provides the foundation for becoming a successful user. Participants
learn how to use the basic GIS functions found in Autodesk Map 3D such
as how to create and attach data to AutoCAD objects, query and display
objects, assign coordinates systems and reproject data, connect to
external databases, and to import other data formats into a drawing.




Keck & Wood's Corporate Office (Metro Atlanta Area)

2425 Commerce Ave., Bldg 2100 Ste 300

Duluth, Ga 30096




SHRUG GIS Workshop

Tallahassee, Florida


How Much: (pricing is for classes offered at K&W's offices. Classes
offered elsewhere may vary.)


Introduction to ArcGIS I - $750.00 per student

Introduction to ArcGIS II - $1,100.00 per student

Introduction to ArcGIS I & II Bundle - $1,750.00 per student

Using AutoCAD Data in ArcGIS - $750.00 per student



Some Student Feedback:

"Great material that followed up with Intro to GIS I. All the material
was relevant to what I needed to know. Thanks ESRI!!  Mr. Corbin, the
instructor, was very knowledgeable about the software and the procedures
that were entailed to use it. Tripp was excellent in his presentation!!"

Matt Davis - GIS Tech - City of Oxford, MS - Introduction to ArcGIS II -


"The course very organized. The exercises were very helpful for me
throughout the class. I wanted to learn how do bridge the gap between
AutoCAD data and ArcGIS GIS data, and I feel this course did that. This
class will prove helpful in my day to day GIS work, since we are
converting over to ArcGIS right now.  I would recommend this class to
everyone in the GIS field that has anything to do with any form of
AutoCAD data." - David Mckee - GIS Specialist - Dawson County, GA -
Using AutoCAD Data in ArcGIS - 01/17/2007


"We here at Glynn County GIS wish to express our thanks to Keck & Wood
for the excellent job that you have done for us in training and support.
The class that you taught for the combined Glynn County and Camden
County personnel was one of the best I have attended. We were all very
impressed with your company's program and your knowledge and teaching
abilities. We all came away feeling very confident in using the ArcInfo
software." - Dianne Wilson - Assistant GIS Director - Glynn County, GA -
Introduction to ArcGIS II and Custom on-site training - 04/06/2007


"Recently a number of staff (including myself) attended the ArcGIS 9.2 I
& II training events hosted by Tripp Corbin of Keck & Wood.  In a
nutshell...the training was excellent!  Tripp's broad knowledge and
experience in surveying and engineering really helped tie in key
functionality of the 9.2 tools with our planning and engineering
functions.  Tripp's teaching style and knowledge also prompted us to
take his "Using AutoCAD Data in ArcGIS" class.  This class was also
extremely informative and bridged some of the long standing gaps between
CAD and GIS that we have struggled with for years."- Ryan Fernandes" -
Deputy Director, Public Works - Fulton County, GA - Introduction to
ArcGIS I & II and Using AutoCAD data in ArcGIS - 05/2007


For more information or to see what other services we offer, please
visit our website at <>  or
contact us at gistraining at


Many states and organizations accept these classes as PDH and CEU
credits. All ESRI developed classes are taught be an experienced ESRI
Authorized Instructor. In addition to GIS training, Keck & Wood, Inc
provides a range of engineering, planning, and GIS services geared
specifically for Utility Authorities, Cities and Counties. 

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