shrug-l: Finding All The Property On A Street

C. Henry Depew sisu26 at
Sun Mar 4 19:42:48 EST 2007

     Let us assume that you wish to know all the property along a 
given street in a community.
You have a couple of ways to get the list.  One is to use MSN and go 
to the White Pages.
The select REVERSE ADDRESS and fill in the street name and 
town.  Select the state.  Do not
put in a house number.  Start the search and you should get a list of 
all property on that
street (drive, avenue, boulevard, etc.)  The other way is to use the 
Tax Collector or
Property Appraiser web site for the county you are interested in and 
then fill in the
street name but do not fill in a house number.  Be sure you fill in 
the street name in
the same manner as does the collector or appraiser (i.e., for Leon 
County - street name
must be in capital letters.  Do not put in the direction (N,E,S,W) or 
the type (DR, AVE,
CIR, etc.).
      The above is not original.  I heard about this approach from 
someone else.

C. Henry Depew

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