shrug-l: ArcView on Vista?

Thu Apr 10 16:58:52 EDT 2008

I have a laptop with Vista but cannot get ARCView 9.2 to work.  Arc
Catalog will work fine but Arc Map will not open.  It encounters an
error when opening.  It is very frustrating.  Service packs have not
worked. Ahhhggggg!!!


Duane Treadon

Planning & Zoning dept.

City of Thomasville



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According to ESRI ArcView 9.2 will run on Vista with Service Pack 4 or
later. We have had mixed results. I would recommend sticking with XP if
you can. Even Bill Gates admits that Vista was not ready similar to



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	Does anyone have experience running ArcView on Vista?  I am
getting a new laptop and I'm not sure whether to stick with XP or take
the leap.


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