shrug-l: Text Rotation in ArcMap [ArcInfo] 9.2

William B. Porter william.porter at
Tue Apr 15 09:19:58 EDT 2008

I'm trying to rotate text that is labeling buildings so the Web Master
can adulterate the map by rotating it 90 degrees, making North face
East, better fitted to a PC screen.  My whines about map propriety fell
on deaf ears.  


I can Kern the text, choose a nice font, place it anywhere I want and
add a gentle halo to it. 

When I tell it to rotate it accepts the command, then I hear a small,
digital giggle.  

I display the map again and  the text appears with the halo, nice font,
kerned and not rotated. 

When I check the properties again, rotation is greyed out. 


And I hear that digital giggle. 

I think it's sort of a Bill Gates post-coital giggle,  knowing that a
quirk in Windows has once again had its way with me. 


What am I doing wrong?  This worked under Unix and AML programming -
that I vaguely remember. 


[For the literal minded, I made up the giggle].


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