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Mapping Florida Communities Workshop: An Introduction to GIS and Community
8:30 am - 4:30 pm --- Note: These are One Day Workshops

Jacksonville: April 3rd      Miami: March 27th, 28th    Orlando: April 3rd,
4th   Tallahassee: April 10th, 11th

For more info go to

Audience: Beginners, anyone interested in mapping their community 

Participants will learn to use ArcGIS 9.2 to do the following: 

Creating thematic maps 

Participants will learn to create thematic maps of their own data, and
display spatial trends in information. 

Address mapping (geocoding)

Participants will learn to map addresses of their clients, their projects or
incidents such as crime and disease.

Download and map Census & American Community Survey data

Participants will learn to extract and map current Census data such as
poverty, race, language, population,
transportation, education and workforce characteristics.

Participants will also learn to:

Conduct spatial queries
Download free shapefiles 
Create well designed maps 

Mapping techniques transferable to all other communities. Exercises are
designed for beginners. Intermediate Excel skills required. 


+ Comprehensive workbook (75 pages), which includes the presentation,
exercises and reference worksheets, 

+ ArcGIS (ArcView 9.2) software 60-day trial CD set,

+ Thirty day free access to new 2005 Tiger/Line geography files (converted to
shapefiles) which include streets, zip codes, school districts, voting
districts, census tracts and many other useful geographies

+ Thirty day free access to our Analyzing Your Community: Local Demographic
Analysis Online Workshop


What People Are Saying 

Florida Department of Health: "This workshop was outstanding!"

Broward County Property Appraiser: "This was a wonderful experience."

University of Miami Center for Family Studies: "I liked the hands-on
exercises with demographics data, particularly the use of Census data."

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center:"This was an excellent learning
experience. Quite fascinating."

Institute for Child Health Policy, Univ. of Florida: "I went from knowing
nothing about GIS software to being able to do what I need to! This workshop
was excellent!" 


New Urban Research, Inc. is a national social research organization
specializing in quantitative and spatial community analysis.  
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