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I am involved in a project to log boats that visit reefs off the coast of SE Florida. This will involve nine helicopter flights over the course of a year. Our current plan is to use equipment/techniques that are familiar to us based on our past projects. However, we are interested to see if innovative and new ways (to us, anyway) to do the work exist. Presently, we plan to use a GPS enabled data logger (e.g., TDS Recon) connected to a laser rangefinder to record boat locations and their basic characteristics, using ArcPad or SoloField.

New ideas we are thinking about, but have never employed:

1.       We would like to photograph each boat as we log it and automatically attach the photograph as an attribute of the logged feature (boat). I.e., the camera would be connected to the data logger. Has anyone done this?

2.       We were wondering whether we could use a GPS enabled tablet PC connected to the laser rangefinder and camera to log the boats (and take pictures of each boat).

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

Bob Swett
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