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Sponsored by Flint Energies


Central Georgia Technical College


You're invited to attend the 2nd GIS Summit for the middle Georgia area
for users of GIS and CAD based software systems to be held at CGTC in
Macon Georgia on Wednesday, April 9, 2008. For this event, Flint
Energies has partnered with CGTC to promote community collaboration and
awareness of GIS along with CGTC's new "Seamless Education Path" for
students. This event offers a distinctive session that all GIS
practitioners will want to add to their portfolio, becoming a GISP. What
is a GISP? It is formal recognition by the GIS Certification Institute
( granted to individuals meeting a collection of work
experience, education and professional contribution. This is becoming
the distinction between a "practitioner" and a "professional". An
institute spokesperson will be providing information on how to complete
the lengthy application process. The important note here is to know that
GISP has a "grandfather" clause that ends in 2008.

Also, the Summit will have guest presenters following a delicious
catered hot lunch ($15- at the door-any checks should be made payable to
Flint Energies) from ESRI and AutoDesk to update attendees on
significant improvements and upcoming features in their respective
industries. The Summit will close in the late  afternoon with educators
attending to learn more about the "Seamless Education Path" for GIS.
This unique and valuable pathway provides a road map for students
interested in GIS/CAD technologies beginning in High School all the way
through Graduate school and on. If you use GIS or CAD technologies and
are interested in giving a brief presentation of how you use GIS or CAD
in your business, please mark the registration survey question at the
link below accordingly so we may contact you.

To close, whether you are a first-timer or a veteran of our inaugural
Summit in 2007, we hope you will join us for this great event. In order
to prepare accordingly for lunch and refreshments, please contact Carrie
Lattarulo at Flint Energies at 478-988-3504 or via email at
clattarulo at to register. A hot buffet lunch will be served
for a small fee ($15-at door). The auditorium is located in building H.
Driving directions may be found on the CGTC website at the following


Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP
Vice President,GIS/IT
ESRI Authorized Instructor
Keck & Wood,Inc.
(678) 417-4013
(678) 417-8785 fax

Keck & Wood, Inc offers a range of GIS services and training. Please
visit  <> for more information
including a schedule of upcoming classes. GA URISA
<>  members can receive a 10% discount on
instructor led training.

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