shrug-l: south Georgia - landlots

Tim Spivey tspivey at
Tue Mar 18 09:51:02 EDT 2008

Just wondering how my fellow Georgia GIS folks explain landlots to the

We had an anonymous call yesterday from a "civilian" wanting to know the
"accuracy" of the landlot lines in our GIS. I went through the whole
song-and-dance about how our landlot layer was built and is maintained,
trying to overcome the "if it's in the computer, it must be accurate"
Bottom line is, our landlot lines are for reference only. Sorry, you
can't use them in place of a proper survey.

Our GIS landlot lines were originally digitized from hand-maintained
mylars. Several years ago, I went through the whole county, plotting
landlot corner points based on plats, and on land use when there were no
plats. I then connected the corners.
But when 3 different surveyors locate the same landlot corner in 3
different places, you KNOW it ain't gonna be pretty ...

So I posed the question of determining landlot lines on a regional
surveyor's web forum. The most common response was "it comes down to how
the land has been used" in many cases, because the old corner markers
have disappeared over the years.

The best analysis of Georgia landlots I have ever heard came from the
Georgia department of state - when landlots were first laid out, "the
Indians were more active in south Georgia, so the surveyors were in a
bit more of a hurry."

Anyway, I'm searching for a positive explanation to give to the layman,
rather than "this is why it's NOT accurate".

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