shrug-l: Restoration Ecologist Job Opportunity Announcement - Closing Date 10/23/2008

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Mon Oct 13 09:06:18 EDT 2008

Position Number:  77907026
Physical Address:  620 South Meridian Street, Tallahassee, Florida,

Description of Duties:  1) Incumbent will serve as Restoration Ecologist
for FWC's  5.7 million-acre Wildlife Management Area program; 2)
coordinates and implements ground cover and hydrologic restoration
activities across WMA lands; 3) researches contemporary practices for
achieving restoration goals and works with area staff to plan, design,
and fund work projects; 4) is responsible for writing and submitting
separate annual reports detailing activities and progress on agency land
management and monitoring activities and ground cover, plant community
and hydrologic restoration efforts; 5) represents FWC on panels,
meetings, workshops, and symposia; 6) presents findings and published
manuscripts documenting FWC restoration and land management
accomplishments; 7) meets with WMA management staff on a regular basis
to discuss new project development and ongoing project status; 8)
identifies, develops, and administers grant opportunities for performing
restoration activities; 9) is responsible for coordinating research and
monitoring to determine restoration success, and for publishing relevant
research findings; 10) coordinates with and assists Invasive Plant
Management Section on exotic plant control on FWC WMAs; develops and
maintains a mapped inventory of invasive exotic plants on FWC WMAs; 11)
coordinates with FWC's Wildlife Conservation, Prioritization and
Recovery Program to prioritize and target restoration opportunities on
WMAs; 12)  provides assistance to other offices/divisions; and completes
other duties as assigned. This position will require travel throughout

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities
*	Knowledge of the principles and practices of wildlife and
fisheries biology, habitat restoration, statistical analysis, and
natural resource management.
*	Knowledge of computer software including Microsoft Access,
Excel, and Word. 
*	Knowledge of GIS software including Arc View 3.x and/or ArcGIS 
*	Knowledge of graphics software. 
*	Ability to collect, record and analyze scientific data relating
to the biological sciences. 
*	Ability to perform quantitative analysis of scientific data. 
*	Ability to conduct biological research studies or analyses using
scientific methods and techniques. 
*	Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work assignments. 
*	Ability to communicate effectively. 
*	Ability to establish and maintain effective working
relationships with others. 
*	Ability to work independently. 
*	Ability to utilize problem-solving techniques. 
*	Ability to process information (compiling, coding, categorizing,
calculating, tabulating, verifying or processing information or data). 
*	Good technical writing skills.


How to Apply:  Submit application through the State of Florida
Employment Site: 
Kathleen Swanson at Kathleen.swanson at 
Salary:  $24.27 per hour

Level of Education:  Minimum B.S. in a biological science and two years
of professional experience.

Desired Qualifications

Master's degree from an accredited college or university with major
course of study in one of the biological sciences and two years of
professional biological experience; or Doctorate from an accredited
college or university with major course of study in one of the
biological sciences;  

Kathleen Swanson
Biological Administrator/Habitat Assessment and Restoration Program/
Terrestrial Habitat Conservation and Restoration/
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
620 S. Meridian St. MS2A; Rm 112H
Tallahassee, FL  32399-1600
Phone:  850-410-0656 ext 17330
Mobile:  850-251-5276
Fax:  850-921-7793

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