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Thu Mar 5 16:16:12 EST 2009

Hey SHRUGgies, hope your day has gone well!


I have a problem that I could use your help on. I have two polygons,
(let's call them A  and B) that eventually will be going into an
intersect. A and B don't always share a boundary, but where they do,
that boundary needs to be identical to avoid creating slivers when they
intersect. For example, say one of the features in A is a square with
four sides (let's call them N, S, E and W). Only the W and N  sides have
to be identical to the corresponding feature B, and the S and E sides
don't share that boundary. Essentially, I am trying to identify gaps and
overlaps between the two shapefiles. I ran topology on them
individually, but when I went to run topology on them together, I had a
very hard time finding a good rule that worked well.  Your advice would
be very much appreciated!




Heather Halverstadt

GIS Analyst III

911 Administration

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