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Hey Shruggers,


Hope it's not too early on a Monday morning for this...


Can someone point me in the right direction to get a .shp for all State
of Florida Section, Township and Ranges? 


Also, does anyone know of any applications, ArcScripts or functionality
in ArcGIS Desktop that allows for the entry of or conversion of legal
property descriptions to assist in plotting it out.


These obviously go hand in hand. For land management purposes I am
looking for a method to create cadastral data from scratch ( don't ask J
). I have all the property data for the state, but it can only be used
as a means of reference for this project.


I know a bit about GIS, but next to nothing about creating property data
from scratch. Or perhaps someone can educate me... 


In the absence of an in-house (or out-house) survey team with expensive
GPS and surveying equipment; What is the most practical, efficient and
accurate method to create cadastral data from scratch while remote from
the actual site?


If your done consuming your required amount of Monday morning coffee and
have time to help, please email me with any questions if I seem




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