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I am trying to establish a GIS web service that will allow a user
geocode a Florida address and then identify what flood zone the address
is in and whether it is in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) or not. 


I have the FEMA DFIRM shapefile DVD for FL but only 24 out of 67
counties are in this dataset. The digital Q3 dataset (i.e. map layer)
for the state of FL is also available from FEMA but it does not cover
the entire state either (57 out of 67 counties) and there are
limitations as to the accuracy of this data for determining the two
fields (i.e. FLD_ZONE and SFHA -in/out) for a given location.


I was wondering if there is anybody else in this group that has dealt
with FEMA flood zone data for a similar purpose to mine. Or is there
another way to do what I want to do (determine what FLD ZONE a geocoded
address is in and whether the zone is an SFHA) other than using the FEMA
DFIRM or FEMA Q3 files.


I will really appreciate any comments on this.




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