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To whom it may concern:

I'm Brian Brady, currently GIS Administrator for the city of Yuma, Arizona.

Linc Clay graciously referred me to your group, suggesting you may be able to help.

I've been living and working in Yuma for the last five years, but would like to return to Florida, where I was born and where my parents, brothers, and sisters live.

I also very much want to be near my nineteen-year-old son. He's presently a student at the University of Central Florida but intends to transfer to Florida State.

I've been in GIS for many years, was appointed by Arizona's
governor to the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC), and am a member of the National States Geographic Council.

Before moving to Yuma I worked in Enterprise GIS development for the federal government at Kennedy Space Center, and taught GIS at Brevard Community College on an adjunct basis.

I would very much appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer.

Thank you.


Brian D. Brady
4409 W 14th Ln
Yuma, Arizona 85364
Phone: (928) 345-8191

GIS Administrator – April 2005 to Present
City of Yuma, Arizona
Currently employed by the City of Yuma's Department of Information Technology Services, Geographic Information Systems (GIS's) division. This position entails: (a) developing and maintaining location based data and services for seven public safety (9-1-1) agencies covering the entirety of Yuma County, AZ., (b) developing and managing Enterprise class geo-spatial systems, (c) utility asset management, (d) planning and zoning information management, (e) implementing and managing new systems for spatial database processing, (f) integrating and coordinating ancillary systems, (g) developing GIS-related city wide policies, procedures and standards, (e) interpreting relevant state and federal guidelines, (f) configuring servers and managing security of client/server architecture, (g) photogrammetric specification development, (h) management of an MSSQL based CarteGraph system, (i) chairing Yuma's GIS steering committee meetings, (j) working with the City Council to support special work sessions, (k) representing Arizona's southwest region as the Governor-appointed representative to the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC).

Duties as a GIS Administrator include but are not limited to working with Microsoft's Sequel Server (MSSQL) database design and management; systems automation via MSSQL Data Transformation Services (DTS); VB Script, JavaScript and Python script development. Interdepartmental coordination for the purpose of enhancing organizational effectiveness. Directing GIS team(s) engaged in performance of highly technical tasks. Report writing, data normalizing and analysis. Establishing standards for data input, maintenance and access; ensuring resolution of client problems within approved performance guidelines; assisting with analysis of City growth needs for server environment; ensuring acquisition and timely use of required resources; maintaining personal expertise in the City's standard-application server hardware, operating systems, software products and procedures, participating in application server hardware and software acquisitions, installations, and maintenance; providing technical support for operating system, application, emulation and database software; providing systems administration, database development, administration and technical support for the City's systems; utilizing Internet, remote communications, and other resources to increase productivity and perform job functions; planning, organizing, supervising, reviewing, and evaluating the work of staff in a manner conducive to independent judgment, high performance, and personal accountability; coordinating and/or supporting local, state and federal agencies and/or commercial and private entities.

GIS Administrator – October 7th  of 2002 to January 26th of 2003 
Indyne Corporation 
Developed and administered GIS’s for NASA and the U.S. military at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) in Florida.
Duties included coordinating, technical consulting and writing, assisting application developers, database administrators, system specialists and end users.  Other responsibilities included, but were not limited to; Management of the ArcIMS spatial servers, authoring ArcXML based map services, and database schema modeling via the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

GIS Software Engineer
Federal Data Corporation/Northrop Grumman - October 1998 to October 2002 
Developed and administered GIS’s for NASA and the U.S. military at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) in Florida.
Duties included coordinating, technical consulting and photogrammetric specifications, assisting application developers, database administrators, system specialists and end users.  Other responsibilities included, but were not limited to; Development and management of the ArcIMS spatial servers, and database schema development via the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

GIS Analyst
EG & G Florida
Kennedy Space Center – February, 1990 to October 1998 
Designed and managed a modular Geographic Information System for the purpose of performing relational analyses utilizing either current state or temporal information.  This system was based upon a Tri-Service Spatial Data System specification.
Responsibilities included but were not limited to periodic updates of three unique full-color Master Plan publications describing utility networks, current and future land use, flora and fauna mapping, etc..  Additional responsibilities included the development of maps for various special projects.  Over 5,000 were produced during the eight years of my employment with EG&G. The system was developed using Intergraph’s suite of MGE and Microstation products.  All data was compiled from historical archives or re-collected by land surveyors if the initial source was insufficient to meet the functional requirements of the project.Adjunct Instructor

Brevard Community College
Cocoa, Florida – 1998 to 2003
Adjunct instructor teaching Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Introduction and Advanced Microstation 3D Modeling. 

CAD Systems Administrator
Regal Marine Industries
Orlando, Florida – October 1986 to October 1989
Designed and documented production and prototype recreational power boats using Intergraph’s Engineering Modeling System (EMS) and Microstation.  Design responsibilities included hull and interior layouts and programming of Three-Axis CNC router using AutoCAD and associated post-processors. 

Sign-Rite Sign Company
Rockledge, Florida – February 1986 to September 1986
Supervised fabrication and installation crews for back-lit, neon, and billboard-type signs. 

Aircraft Carburetor and Fuel Systems Mechanic
Southeast Fuel Systems
Rockledge, Florida – October 1985 to February 1986
Depot level maintenance of aircraft carburetors and fuel injection systems 

Suncoast Aluminum
Titusville, Florida – June 1985 to September 1985 
Designed screened patio and pool enclosures.

Lead Draftsman
Sea Ray Corporation
Merritt Island, Florida – June 1984 to June 1985
Recreational power boat and sport yacht design. 

Jet Engine Mechanic
United States Air Force – 1979 to 1983

Hardware - Intel, SUN, HP and Intergraph Clipper-based workstation and server hardware. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and various type input/output devices. 

Proficient with ESRI’s ArcInfo 9.3.1, SDE, ArcGIS Server 9.x , Network Analyst 9.x, Spatial Analyst 9.x, 3D Analyst 9.x, ArcIMS, Microsoft SQL Server, GeoComm’s DMS and MSAG manager, Geographic Technology Group’s GeoBlade,  AutoCAD 2000, Microstation V14, Microsoft VISIO and Microsoft Office Professional. Intergraph MGE/MGA/ISI II, IRASB, IRASC.

Education - Brevard Community College - Associate of Science degree majoring in Geographic Information Systems
 Extensive vendor training in GIS, GPS, CADD and CAD,  i.e. ESRI, Intergraph, Miner & Miner, Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) and Geocomm.

Professional Affiliations - Governor appointed to the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) and Administration and Legal subcommittee. Member of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC).

Published -  Library of the National Fire Academy 2008, Yuma Fire Department's Long Range Master Plan - Service Area Zone Analysis.
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