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I had the chance to work with the three following systems (but can't speak
about the software interface only the xyz results when running on our
RTK/DGPS network):

1. Topcon's new GRS-1 is also RTK, works well and give reliable results when
used in RTK mode. Was about 2 feet when operated in DGPS and Float RTK. Has
built in cell phone for direct connection to our network (must be preordered
as CDMA or GSM - I recommend CDMA). Hot swappable batteries where a nice
feature. Make sure you get the GIS unlock otherwise DGPS won't work, only
float RTK. I think the arcpad is still a slightly customized version.
2. Trimble's GeoXH, great accuracy (typically 4" on our network with
external antenna). Uses external Bluetooth cell phone or Verizon Mifi (best)
to connect. Can also be used with a survey grade Trimble GPS receiver for
RTK. Has other options for software in addition to arcpad (Terrasync, etc.)
3. Magellan/Ashtech Mobile Mapper CX (the MM6 is nice but TOO Small for data
entry). Consistently got 1' or better results (for the price I was surprised
as the specs said sub meter). Can be used with the ProMark500 RTK receiver.
Must use an external Bluetooth cell phone to connect it to the internet
(unless using it with the promark500 which has integrated cell). Runs
standard arcpad.

I can attest to all of these threes positional results but you'll have to
take a test drive of them to see about how you like their software, screen
and keyboard (or lack thereof). All three of these system were rugged and
worked without issue.


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