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Esri announced that it is ready to launch their new technical
certifications for ArcGIS 10. They will begin taking exam registrations
on January 17, 2011.  Certification will be available in three areas and
two levels. The three areas are Desktop, Developer, and Enterprise. The
two levels are Associate and Professional. 


So what are these new certifications. Well they are similar to
certifications offered by Microsoft, Autodesk and Cisco.  You take a
test to prove you have a specific skill level with the ArcGIS Platform
in the area you are tested in. For example if you want to become an Esri
Certified ArcGIS Desktop Associate, you take a 95 question exam in 2.5
hours or less. The questions cover a range of topics including Data
Formats, Projections, Different Licensing levels of ArcGIS Desktop,
Basic Geoprocessing, Making maps including Data driven pages, and using
ArcGIS Online resources.  


The cost of taking an exam is currently $225.00 per exam. These exams
will be offered at any Pearson VUE testing center. Three to five days
after taking the exam you will receive an email letting you know if you
passed or failed. In most cases you don't have to become certified at
the Associate level before you become certified at the Professional
Level. Also not all the certification exams are currently ready. The
ones currently available are:


*        ArcGIS Desktop - Associate & Professional

*        ArcGIS Web Application Developer - Associate

*        Enterprise Geodatabase Manager - Associate

*        Enterprise Administration - Associate


To learn more about Esri's new technical certifications go to:



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