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As many of you know ESRI was planning to release ArcGIS 9.4 during the
second quarter of this year.  Well that is not happening, they are
instead releasing ArcGIS 10. ESRI has decided that the level of changes
and improvements planned for ArcGIS 9.4 warrant more than just a new dot
release. It needs to be a full new version.  To hear Jack talk more
about why the name changed click here:


So what are some of the planned improvements for ArcGIS 10:


*         Improved rendering engine for better performance when panning
and zooming

*         The geoprocessing wizard is back after a fashion

*         ArcCatalog window is added in ArcMap

*         Simplified Geocoding

*         Improved map creation tools such as new tools for multiscale
maps, support for multipage layouts, and dynamic text in layouts
(basically they incorporated the DSMapbook routine we all use into the
core product)

*         Simplified editing including sketch based editing using
palettes in both the desktop and web, easier access to common tools in
ArcMap, ArcScene, & Globe

*         Integration of time data and analysis including the ability to
create and publish animations

*         Improve raster handling performance

*         Ability to check out licenses for use in the field or
temporary offices

*         Enhanced interface using enhanced resolution icons and such.
(Looks very much like the newest versions of AutoCAD to me)


I have been beta testing ArcGIS Desktop 9.4 (now ArcGIS 10) now for a
couple of months. It definitely has a different look and feel from
ArcGIS 9.3 and earlier. The performance does seem to be better
especially when working with raster. Having the Geoprocessing Wizard
back is great since I never really understood why it was removed from
the beginning.  It has been fairly stable especially for an initial beta
release. Beta 2 is due out any day so I am interested in seeing what
they have done with it. 


I am still trying to find out of ArcGIS desktop 10 will be 64 bit
enabled. Maybe someone else knows. All in all I would have to say ArcGIS
10 looks like it will be a winner. 


On a related note, the release of ArcGIS 10 will mean changes to ESRI's
training classes. Exactly what those changes will be, no one seems to
know. I have heard it will be similar to what happened with the release
of 9.3. That was when they replaced the old Introduction I & II classes
with the new ArcGIS Desktop I, II, and III classes. ESRI promises they
will release training classes for ArcGIS 10 at the same time as the
release of the software. What that will mean to those of us that are
Authorized Instructors is anyone's guess at this moment. 


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