shrug-l: MapWindow Conference in Orlando

C. Henry Depew sisu26 at
Wed Jan 27 07:51:54 EST 2010

     No idea how many of you look at other GIS programs but thought 
you might like to know about a MapWindow conference in Orlando in 
March.  I use the product as it is very good and very affordable.  In 
the meantime, FYI.

C. Henry Depew


  MapWindow conference and workshops on March 31 to April 2, then 
please book your hotel now. (The regular rate is $129/night).
You can find the information about the hotel here: 

And you can register for the conference here: 

Also, the annual American Water Resources Association (AWRA) GIS and 
Water conference web site has been updated to promote our MapWindow 
conference! (<>) The AWRA 
meeting is early in the week and we're meeting later in the week, so 
it's a nice opportunity for people interested in water and GIS to 
join both conferences.

If you want to learn how to program with the MapWindow ActiveX and 
.NET components, or if you want to get more involved in this project 
or learn how people are using it in academic and commercial settings, 
then please come to our conference!

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