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KLC Consulting, Inc. (KLC)

Location:        Tallahassee, Florida

Position:         GIS Analyst

Subject line must include: GIS Analyst

Contact:                      Keith Cricks, (850) 894-1952 (Office) 

(412) 613-1906 (Cellular) 

(813) 333-2554 (FAX)

Email:                         KCricks376 at
<mailto:KCricks376 at> , Kcricks at
<mailto:Kcricks at>  or, 

Fame Ranada,            (850) 894-1952 (Office)

Email:                         FRanada at
<mailto:FRanada at> .


End Client:                Department of Children and Families

Length:                       3+ months, Full Time, must be on-site

Due Date:                   Must have resumes prior to Monday, November
29 at Noon.

Rate is Open


Scope and Requirements

The client is seeking a GIS analyst to assess the Office of Information
Technology Services (OITS) current GIS architecture and services for the
client and make recommendations in the form of a work plan to enhance
the environment/tools, expand the services, and strengthen the GIS team,
primarily in GIS web development. 

Therefore, the plan should include a recommendation for the GIS web
application development environment most appropriate for OITS. 

Recommendations should define tasks and projects for the GIS team to
complete in the current fiscal year and future years. 

The client has experienced web application developers on staff, however,
they are not familiar with GIS or ArcGIS services. In order to meet the
immediate need to deploy web-based GIS applications, the proposed GIS
analyst is also expected to assist with implementing recommendations and
providing GIS training during the term of the contract. 

Additionally, the proposed GIS analyst must be able to assist or adhere
to standards and best practices for working with the client architecture
configuration, chosen development tools, and application environments. 

Please note that this is a temporary three (3) month need, however, the
client reserves the right to extend the time if it is in the best
interests of The client. 

The client expects the proposed candidate to have an extensive
understanding of the suite of technologies in use within the client.

Skills Desired

The proposed candidate must be proficient with GIS Web application
development, map development, and hosting services using ESRI's suite of
ArcGIS tools. 

As The client utilizes the ESRI suite of tools, the proposed candidate
needs to have experience with the implementation, integration, and
support of a variety of GIS web application solutions (i.e., .NET web
ADF, Google's API, ArcGIS JavaScript API, ArcGIS Silverlight API, ArcGIS
Flex API, SOAP/REST calls to ArcGIS services, etc.). 

The client requires candidates have experience working with ESRI ArcGIS
Server; knowledge of building, optimizing, and utilizing ArcGIS

The client desires the proposed candidate have experience creating and
utilizing caches. 

Additionally, the client prefers the candidate have experience
configuring/developing for ArcGIS Server in a distributed environment
(separate ArcGIS, database & application servers). 

The client has a distributed environment so, unlike many smaller
organizations, they do not stack the ArcGIS Server application with the
web application server. Given this, the proposed candidate should be
comfortable working with: 

* Security models that may include a reverse proxy solution for web
application security; 

* Staging and code management tools & methods in an enterprise
development environment; 

* Multiple groups for support of applications and supporting

* GIS admin/development; 

* DBAs; 

* Web development/security; and 

* Strategy/architecture advisory staff. 


The basis for determining the hours worked by the staff will be the
client's Work In Progress system, specifically, the actual hours
approved on an Employee Monthly Time Utilization Report. All the
appropriate staff and the appropriate client supervisor must sign each
Employee Monthly Time Utilization Report and a photocopy of the report
submitted to KLC invoice as supporting documentation of the hours
billed. Client will verify that the hours were legitimately used for
State purposes. 

Work must be performed on client premises unless specifically authorized

Staff are to be billable a maximum of 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week
unless an authorized exception has been approved by client. (The "normal
business hours" of OITS are determined to be 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, EST,
with a one-hour lunch.) 


Resumes for each proposed candidate is to include full name, position,
work experience related to The client's needs, begin and end dates of
the related work experience and contact numbers for each candidate. 

Candidates are responsible for ensuring sufficient detail is provided in
the resume for the client to determine the recentness of the related
work experience, how extensive the related work experience is and the
depth of knowledge and skills of the proposed candidate related to the
needs of the client.

Resumes must clearly show the appropriate experience levels of each
individual proposed candidate in the delivery of system analyst

The client reserves the right to contact the listed references. 

References - (Must have 3 Professional References!)

Reference 1:

Reference Name(s), Title and Organization


Email Id:


Phone Number(s)


Description of Work Performed with Dates


Reference 2:

Reference Name(s), Title and Organization


Email Id:


Phone Number(s)


Description of Work Performed with Dates


Reference 3:

Reference Name(s), Title and Organization


Email Id:


Phone Number(s)


Description of Work Performed with Dates



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