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Mon Sep 13 16:18:33 EDT 2010

Hey Guys,

The SHRUG 2010 GIS workshop is fast approaching. I hope everyone is
looking forward to it as much as I am. I attend GIS Conferences and
Workshop all over the Southeast and the SHRUG Workshop is always one of
the best. It is always well organized, full of great presentations and
good food. Not to mention getting to see all my good friends. 


One of the best things about the SHRUG workshop are the pre-workshop
training classes. The Workshop staff always does a great job of offering
a wealth of classes from desktop to server to application development,
all at great prices. This year looks no different.


Building Web Maps Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript - 11/15 & 11/16 -

ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting Started with GIS for ArcGIS 9.3 -  11/15 &
11/16 - $725.00  

ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality for ArcGIS 9.3 - 11/15 - 11/16
& 11/19 - $975.00  

ArcGIS Server Basics: Installation, Services, & Tweaks - 11/15 & 11/16 -

Using AutoCAD Data in ArcGIS 9.3 - 11/15 & 11/16 - $725.00  

Demographic Analysis Using Census Data and Using Census Data in GIS
Mapping - 11/15 & 11/16 - $575.00  


Keck & Wood is working with the SHRUG team to provide the ArcGIS
Desktop, ArcGIS Server Basics and the Using AutoCAD in ArcGIS classes.
To help add even more value to these classes, Keck & Wood will give a
$50 gift certificate that may be used to purchase a seat in a future
Keck & Wood  class or one of our DVD based classes for the first 10
people that sign up for one of the classes we are helping provide. So
sign up for one of these classes now. Earn points for the GISP,
hopefully learning something about ArcGIS, and support SHRUG all just by
attending a class. 


Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP
Vice President, GIS/IT
ESRI Authorized Instructor
CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer
Keck & Wood, Inc. <> 
(678) 417-4013
(678) 417-4055 fax

Now Authorized to teach classes for ArcGIS Desktop 10.


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