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Please see the message below form FDOT about the future of GPS.   Light
Square is intending to begin a service that will harm all precession GPS.
So, if you own GPS or use GPS, especially if you use FDOT for correction,
please fill out this survey.  Take this survey form FDOT.




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From: SCOTT HARRIS [mailto:support at] 
Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2011 10:36 AM
Subject: Transportation GPS Users - LightSquared GPS Signal Interference
Survey Request


To:          Transportation GPS Users

From:    Scott Harris for John Krause, PSM - State Surveyor, Florida
Department of Transportation


The Florida Department of Transportation is sending you this correspondence
to solicit technical information. You have been identified as a potential
user of precision GPS on statewide federally funded transportation projects.
We do this through a request to us from the Federal Highway Administration


  Background: A company called LightSquared has purchased a satellite
provider and their licenses, and proposes to install 40,000+ high-powered
transmission towers across the country in an effort to "bring Broadband to
rural and underserved areas."  The possibility of signals from these towers
interfering with GPS operations is being investigated, especially that of
"precision" GPS units, which are used throughout the transportation industry
in such applications as surveying, operating machine-controlled equipment,
asset tracking systems, and precision timing.  At issue are the potential
impacts of LightSquared's proposal on how each state conducts its surveying,
construction, and other operations. 

FDOT Action: In an effort to accurately assess potential impacts, FDOT is
assisting AASHTO in compiling data for FHWA use in determining what
equipment could be affected and the potential level of impact to that
equipment so that they can respond to the NTIA (National Telecommunications
and Information Administration).  The focus of this inventory is on timing
and precision receivers.  To obtain and compile User data FDOT has created a
web based survey for use by FDOT internal Offices, consultants, business
partners and other Florida Transportation entities.

Action Requested of You: If this issue impacts your Florida transportation
business area, please click on the following web link and complete the
Survey.    <>

Please note the survey website restricts survey completion to a single
survey from a unique IP (computer) address. If you are completing the survey
for a firm with multiple offices you must compile the information into a
single survey or execute multiple surveys from different PC's.  The survey
is segmented by professional discipline / business areas to allow you to
input all company information in a single survey.  Please complete all
survey segments applicable to your company / entity.

You may receive multiple copies of this request. To assure outreach to the
full Florida Transportation Audience, multiple mail lists and publication
sources have been utilized. Please disregard duplicate requests.  If you
have an affected business partner who has not received this request please
forward them this communication.

Timeline for Completion of the Survey: Please complete the Survey by Close
of Business on Friday, August 26, 2011.

Problems or Questions Concerning Completion of the Survey: If you have a
problem or question when completing the Survey please remain on line at the
Survey web page and call one of the following numbers.

Direct (Area Code 850) 245-1582, 245-1595 or 245-1596.

Toll Free 1-866-374-FDOT (3368) - Extension 1582, 1595 or 1596.

Additional Information on This Issue: Query Keyword "LightSquared + GPS"
through your internet search engine for additional information on this

Your timely and accurate response is greatly appreciated and is critical to
our states input in a package of information being provided to Federal
Authorities on a national level. We have attempted to make the survey form
easy and will require minimal time to complete.

Unfortunately, due to the turnaround time to compile the information, and
our normal workload, we cannot make comment or educate you on the subject if
you are not aware of it. However, there is ample information on the web.
FDOT's current position is to listen to the scientific experts and support
our national partners in supplying information. This will aid them in
preparing and identifying all potential public and economic impact to our
country should the LightSquared product come to market. 

I apologize if you have received this multiple times and leaving you a short
time frame to have this completed. It is however very important that we have
your participation with this critical topic.

Once again, thank you for your time and your participation.


John Krause, PSM

State Surveyor

Florida Department of Transportation


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