shrug-l: RTL and streaming to plotters

Porter, William B. william.porter at
Wed Aug 31 11:43:15 EDT 2011

Years ago I frequently streamed data to HP and one Calcomp white

I believe I simply turned off the queue,  then sent an RTL plot file and
it streamed in, plotting as it received data. 


Now I can't do it.  I'm trying to send a large graphic to a Z6100PS 42

The printer driver doesn't seem to have any provision for streaming.  I
can shut off the queue and tell the plotter to start instantly, but even
using ArcPress [I got desperate and moved the graphic into ArcGIS from
Corel PhotoPaint]  I cannot get the thing to print. 


I tried to contact HP, but apparently my contract lapsed and they took a
hard line: pay for each question or hang up. 

I had my contract with HP through Tri-C computers and they apparently
dissolved.  I was told the nearest HP support is in Tampa. 


So  - has anyone streamed data to an HP plotter recently?


Is there an HP support supplier in Tallahassee?


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