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I saw this thread on another Forum and thought others here might be
interested. It was from Jerry Simmons, GIS Administrator for Pender
County North Carolina. 


He was using sde2shp command but it is not supported on  64bit servers.
So here is the response he received from ESRI when he sent a questions
to their Tech Support. 


Per ESRI tech:


"You wouldn't happen to be running on a 64-bit Windows, Linux, or
HP-Itanium system? If you are, then that solves the problem. The sde2shp
command is one of several commands not supported on these systems.  A
work-around is to install the ArcSDE Admin Commands on a 32-bit system
and run them from there."


The first page of the Administration Command References
come.htm] has a list of commands. Take a look at the very end of the


The commands that run on a 64-bit system are:

sdeconfig, sdedbtune, sdegdbrepair, sdelog, sdemon, sdeservice,
sdesetup, sdeexport, sdegroup, sdeimport, sdelayer, sderaster, sdelayer,
sderaster, sdetable, sdeversion, sdexinfo, sdexml.


The commands not supported on 64-bit systems are:

cov2sde, sde2cov, sde2shp, shp2sde, shpinfo, sde2tbl, tbl2sde


These data conversion commands were built on Workstation ArcInfo
technology not supported on some 64-bit operating systems. They aren't
even included in the ArcSDE 64-bit install packages.


Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone trying to administer SDE on a
64 Bit server. 


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