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Has anyone had trouble with ArcScene not showing all of the digital aerial imagery draped over a DEM model surface?  


I’ve had some problems in the past, but never this seriously.   The images are getting their elevation from the DEM model.  I even tried telling the images to be 3 feet above the surface, but most of the photography is hidden.  The northernmost portion shows best, for no reason I can grasp.  The area is about 2 miles by one mile with no more than 100 feet change in elevation.  I’m not dealing with Kilimanjaro. 


I contacted ESRI and the tech’s response was to sew all 9 of the images together, but he couldn’t explain his logic.  I tried putting just one image one surface and it worked no better.  I can’t see how sewing 9 25 MB images together will make it easier to manage.  I didn’t know ArcGIS could combine images [I thought that was the province of Envi and Erdas].



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