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Earn GISP points towards certification at one of two URISA Certified Workshops being offered by Georgia URISA at the Unicoi State Park and Lodge. Participants will be able to chose from one of the workshops listed below. Both workshops are scheduled for Thursday, October 13, 2011 from 8:30am to 4:30 pm. 

If you have not registered, you still have time but you must hurry! Early bird registration ends on October 7th and you can register for as low as $100 per person. For a $100.00 value, you can take advantage of Thursday workshop course offerings of either the Asset Management: Planning, Strategy, and Implementation workshop or the Field Automation Options for Local Government workshop.

Thursday, October 13, 2011 8:30 a.m-4:30 p.m. - Workshops Track 1 

Asset Management: Planning, Strategy, and Implementation (Location: Masters Hall 1) 

Presenters: Allen Ibaugh, & Jason Amadori, Data Transfer Solutions

Public and private agencies face continuous challenges to accomplish more with less as increases in demand, regulatory requirements, infrastructure deterioration, and political and economic forces have significantly outpaced increases in capital and operating budgets. Many of these agencies are turning to Asset Management to cope with these challenges and improve business performance and effectiveness. This workshop will focus on several aspects of developing an asset management system that could help improve performance, reduce long-term costs, and maximize return on investment in infrastructure assets.

Specific topics include: 

• Strategy and Planning 

• Data Collection Methods

• Software Solutions 

• Information Management and Decision Support Tools 

• Evaluation and Performance Measures 

• GASB34 Reporting 

• Life Cycle Costs 

Intended Audience: This workshop is intended for utility, transportation, engineering, planning, and environmental managers and analysts of the public and private sectors. 


Track 2 

Field Automation Options for Local Government (Location: Masters Hall 2) 

Presenter: Tripp Corbin, Keck & Wood, Inc. 

One way to meet demands for providing superior service levels and operational efficiencies under tightening budget constraints is to leverage new technology that places GIS data in the hands of field crews. This allows for improved management and better maintenance of work processes to properly appraise infrastructure assets and to meet service request response times. This workshop is designed to provide local government managers with practical guidelines for building an effective mobile GIS program across multiple departments. 

Specific topics include: 

• Practical guidelines for building a mobile GIS 

• Business drivers for moving GIS technology and data into the field 

• Alternative strategies for implementing GIS-based field solutions 

• Overcoming obstacles to automating field processes 

• Steps in the mobility implementation process 

Intended Audience: Supervisors and managers responsible for public works operations. GIS and IT department managers interested in mobilizing user applications and Mobile GIS project managers. For more information or to register for either of these workshops, please visit Georgia URISA's website. 


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