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Wed Aug 22 10:11:30 EDT 2012

*August 30th 2012 *
*Location:* GTRI, Room #131 (aka F3 Forum) 250 14th Street,NW, Atlanta, 
GA 30318.
*Cost* $300
*Starting Time:* 8:00 EST
*Ending Time:* 4:30 PM EST
*Email*: rjhale at northrivergeographic for a reservation.

This one day class is an introduction to Quantum GIS 
<>. Quantum GIS is a user friendly Open Source GIS 
Package that runs under Linux, Unix, Mac OSX and Windows. It supports 
multiple raster and vector formats. The software has a wide community 
base and is adding new functionality with every release. People who take 
this class come out with a fairly good understanding of how the software 
works and how it can be brought into an existing GIS work environment.

    QGIS Topics Covered:

  * Installation of QGIS and an Overview of GIS
  * Interface
  * Adding Vector Data
  * Adding Raster Data
  * Plugins
  * Data Attribution
  * Creating Data and editing
  * Map Layouts

Randal Hale, GISP
North River Geographic Systems, Inc
423.653.3611 rjhale at

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