shrug-l: Anyone else experiencing issues with Windows 7 recently?

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Fri Aug 24 08:29:32 EDT 2012

I got the following post on from another GIS List I am on. Until I saw it I
had not realized I has been experiencing the same behavior recently. I
wonder if anyone else has experienced it as well. If so anyone figured out


This is a 2 fold query:


1.   I've been using Windows 7 since 2009.  But, in the last 3-5 months I,
along with friends and colleagues, have noticed a spike in the

number of times application become "hung" with the common message at the end
of the app's Title Bar that reads "(Not Responding)".  Sometime it will

correct and continue, at other times it will crash.  I NEVER saw this
problem prior to about Feb. or March of this year.  Has anyone else noticed
this spike?  Or, does anyone know what is causing it and if Microsoft is
aware and working on the problem?  This occurs on a wide variety of computer


2.  When editing table records in ArcMap, has anyone experienced a long
delay or 'drag' in the functionality of running Field Calculator or
Calculate Geometry, which then spawns the problem described in #1?  



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