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Good morning everyone.

I am working on updating my Using AutoCAD Data in ArcGIS Class to ArcGIS
10.1. In doing so I was testing the ability of 10.1 to read the latest
version of the DWG file format which is 2013. It appears that while ArcGIS
thinks it is reading and displaying a 2013 DWG, it doesn't. ArcGIS will
allow you to add a 2013 DWG as a layer to a Map. You will see it in the
Table of Contents. But you will not actually see it in the map display.
There is not data displayed. 


This is not overly surprising since AutoCAD 2013 and ArcGIS 10.1 were both
released very close to one another. As many of us know Esri and Autodesk do
not play nice with one another. So when Autodesk releases a new version of
their DWG format it always takes awhile for Esri to reverse engineer it so
ArcGIS can read it. I image Esri will release a patch in a couple of months
that will fix the problem. In the mean time, you will have to request that
any DWG you need to pull data from be in 2010 DWG format or earlier. 


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