shrug-l: Cut&Paste Excel (2007) tables to ArcMap ...

Tan, Yurong (OIG) Yurong.tan at
Tue Jun 5 11:20:13 EDT 2012

I have run to a wall lately in trying to Cut&Paste Excel tables to ArcMap.  Specifically, I am talking about losing all or some of the format settings (e.g. cell borders, cell background color, etc.) of a table when the table is cut from Excell and then pasted to ArcMap.  I even tried to Cut&Paste the table to PowerPoint (also 2007) first to kind of convert the table to an "image object" before another Cut&Pasting  it to ArcMap. I do not remember it worked like that before 10.

Anything to share?  Thanks

Yurong Tan
Office of Inspector General
Dept of Veterans Affairs
(352) 337-2375

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