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Brandt, Holli Holli.Brandt at
Tue Jun 5 17:20:35 EDT 2012

Hello SHRUGgers -

I received a microstation file(.dgn) from a consultant that was supposed to be in State Plane East but when I add it into an existing ArcMap project (where all data is in State Plane) it ends up nowhere near our layers.

I tried these two methods several times with no success :
"Transform CAD data in ArcMap to line up with other data"
"Define the projection for CAD data for use in ArcMap"

Even tried georefencing the .dgn file but unfortunately do not have enough above ground feature to match it up exactly.

I contacted the consultant but they are no longer working on the project and there isn't any additional funds to pay them, so I am out of luck there.
Can anyone out there offer any suggestions?
Thanks - Holli

Holli M. Brandt
Senior Civil Engineer Specialist
Separated Systems Management Branch
Utility System Management Division
Seattle Public Utilities
(206) 684-8533

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