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I spent many hours reading through ArcGIS 10 Documentation about its link to MS files and Googling for outside solutions.
In the end I found ESRI suggested converting to dumb image files [screen printing or PDF] losing the ability to easily add useful numeric tables.  

I ended up exporting to CSV [comma delimited text files],  editing in Kedit [the best ASCII editor in the world] and 
adding them as text with non-proportional font - the same as I did in ArcInfo 6 on a Unix box.  

ESRI dropped the ball on Windows and MS compatibility. That they even speak of it in their documentation is a little embarrassing when you see the complete lack of function.

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Thanks you!  Appreciate your response.  

ArcMap (ArcGIS) is supposed to work seamlessly with Office and it did not behave like that.  Being able to work seamless with MS Office was one of the main objectives when migrating to ArcGIS from some early platforms.  Does ESRI drop the ball or can some ESRI folks on this thread shed some lights on this?     


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If you are talking about pasting Excel tables into the map layout, I've run into the same problems.  I have been successful in converting the Excel spreadsheet to a PDF, exporting that to an image, and then pasting the resulting image into ArcMap, though.  It's somewhat cumbersome, but it seems to be the only way to keep all the formatting and not end up with strange letter jumbling in table.

Good luck!

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I have run to a wall lately in trying to Cut&Paste Excel tables to ArcMap.  Specifically, I am talking about losing all or some of the format settings (e.g. cell borders, cell background color, etc.) of a table when the table is cut from Excell and then pasted to ArcMap.  I even tried to Cut&Paste the table to PowerPoint (also 2007) first to kind of convert the table to an "image object" before another Cut&Pasting  it to ArcMap. I do not remember it worked like that before 10.

Anything to share?  Thanks

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