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With ArcGIS 10.1 about to hit the streets in just a few days (some may
already have access to the final release), I thought I would share a couple
of things that you might find useful to know as you consider whether or when
to make the jump.

.        ArcGIS Desktop levels have been renamed

o   ArcGIS Desktop Basic = ArcView

o   ArcGIS Desktop Standard = ArcEditor

o   ArcGIS Desktop Advanced = ArcInfo

.        ArcGIS Desktop will still only be 32 bit. Have heard they are
working on 64 bit version but no idea when or if it will be released

.        Python is now supported anywhere scripting or expressions are used
such as label  expressions, hyperlink scripts, and field calculator 

.        Maplex is now included in all levels of ArcGIS desktop 

.        GIFs, PNGs and Jpegs are now supported as Picture Symbols in
addition to the standard BMPs and EMFs

.        ArcMap support dynamic Legends meaning the legend will only display
layers that contain visible features in the current visible extent

.        Improved export to PDF including security options

.        Improved support for ascii text files

.        ArcMap will support compound datum transformations

.        ArcGIS Server will only be 64 bit. 

.        ArcGIS Runtime Engine will be available in 64 bit as well

.        ArcGIS Online Subscriptions will be released soon after Desktop and

o   New Custom Organizations

o   7 Different levels of Subscriptions

o   Provides controlled and secure access to shared map, apps and data via

o   Will be more fully integrated with Desktop and Server for easy
publishing and sharing of maps


So those are just a few of the new things to expect from ArcGIS 10.1. There
is a 169 page pdf that details all the new changes and functionality. If you
want to see it go to: 


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