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Mon Oct 1 14:18:47 EDT 2012

ArcGIS Users,


I am pleased to announce today that thanks to Amy Hoyt and Lee County
GIS, two tools that have proven very useful for ArcMap 9.x are now also
available for use with ArcMap 10.x.


These tools are --


EditorTracker - enables feature classes and tables to track user edits
at the feature/record level, automatically updating certain fields when
edits are made. In addition to tracking when and who made edits like
similar tools, specifically of interest with this tool is the ability to
automatically update Lat/Long and US National Grid attributes for point


*        ArcMap 9.x -
(extension and source code)

*        ArcMap 10.x
cMap%2010).zip  (addin)



ERAtools -ERAtools is pair of applications, an ArcMap report-writing
extension and a desktop application which is used to create the analysis
definition files used by the ArcMap extension. ERAtools was originally
an ArcView 3 application started by the Florida Department of
Environmental Protection (DEP). ERAtools for ArcGIS was cooperatively
developed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
and DEP. ERAtools is currently being implemented by FWC, the Florida
Division of Emergency Management, and DEP, among other agencies.
Continuing a collaborative approach with these tools, Lee County funded
the migration of these tools to ArcGIS 10.x.


*        ArcMap 9.x & 10.x - 


Note that for both tools, the Tallahassee office of URS was selected to
accomplish these migrations, and distribution of the tools is hosted by
URS as well. The ArcMap 10 compatible versions were created at AddIns
for ArcGIS. 


I have tested both with ArcGIS 10.1, and so far they are testing out
well - but neither myself, Lee County GIS, nor URS make any claims that
these tools will work flawlessly with your particular ArcGIS and
database environments. 


Please also note that should you be interested in pursuing further
enhancements or supported implementation of these tools, I am sure that
Bill Beers (850-402-6376 or bill.beers at would be happy to work
with your company or agency.


If you download and use these tools, please let Amy Hoyt and Lee County
GIS know how much you appreciate their support getting these tools
migrated for use with ArcGIS 10.



Richard Butgereit, GISP
GIS Administrator, Information Management

Florida Division of Emergency Management

richard.butgereit at
<blocked::mailto:richard.butgereit at> 

850-413-9907 <blocked::> 


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