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Right now everyone's training and education budgets are tight. So each
dollar spent must be justified. So why should you attend the 2012 SHRUG GIS
Workshop <> ? Here are just a few of
benefits you and your organization will realize if you present at and/or
attend the workshop: 


1.	See how other similar organizations are implementing and using
technology. You might pick up a tip or two that would be helpful back in
your shop. 
2.	Learn how related professions and organizations are utilizing
geospatial technologies (Surveying, GIS, Planners, Floodplain Managers,
Utility Crews, EMA and so on). You might see a way you could expand the use
of Geospatial Technologies in your organization to save time and money.
3.	Learn about new technology and how it may be able to help your
4.	Show case your projects so others can see what you have accomplished
and learned. 
5.	Share lessons learned with your fellow professionals. You might be
able to learn a tip or trick that could prevent your organization from
wasting time or money trying to make something work that doesn't. 
6.	Earn Professional Contribution Points for the GISP certification
when you present or submit a Map/Poster 
7.	Earn GISP Education Points and/or Continuing Education (PDHs/CEUs)
hours for attending. 
8.	Network with other professionals. Get to know some of the best and
brightest Geospatial Professionals here in Florida and the Southeast. You
never know when knowing someone will come in handy.
9.	Attend low cost training as part of the Workshop. SHRUG is providing
a couple of training classes for under $400. That is quite a big savings.
10.	See the direction the technology and profession are heading. Should
you move forward with that Flex based application or should you consider
HTML 5? Is crowd sourcing an option? Will crowd sourcing impact our


These are just a few of the many reasons and benefits for attending the 2012
SHRUG GIS Workshop <> . The ROI will be
almost immediate as you attend workshops, presentations, and talk with your
fellow Geospatial Professionals. Go to
for more information or to register. 


You may also still submit a paper for presentation. This is a great way to
earn Professional Contribution Points for the GISP certification. 



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