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I understand  Yurong Tan's irritating at some changes in ArcInfo 10.1 


Some of what I discovered may or may not have existed in 10.0.

I set up maps using ArcServer.  I found that it defaults to making
ArcServer applications read/write, even if you don't want them to be. I
will never want  ArcServer maps to do any more than pass read-only data
to a user through a query.  


The problem I have with ArcServer is that it demands VPN access because
of the permissions it grants users [I believe].  ArcIMS didn't have that
problem: I don't remember seeing this in earlier versions of ArcServer.
I don't know if it's possible to make a map public unless I move the
server out of the Core,  outside the firewall.  

Now I'm trying to determine if ESRI still supports ArcIMS and if I can
run it on the same server. 


I've had problem with ESRI tech support on ArcServer.  They don't seem
to know this application very well. 

I copied all the GIS data I commonly use to the Mapserver on a drive
lettered the same as data on my Desktop.  

I still had to register all of the data when I made a map: It wouldn't
simply look for it on the server, find it and use it.   I called tech
support and explained the problem.  Now I realize his solution
[registering the data on my desktop] means the server now reads the data
from my desktop - defeating the purpose - copying data to the server.
The tech clearly did not understand my goal after I explained it.  I
have run into that a lot with ArcServer, but rarely on any ESRI problems
before ArcServer.  I was impressed with their techies in the past. 



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