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You will see a lot of notices from the SHRUG Listserv over the next couple of months concerning events the Seven Hill Regional User Group for GIS will be hosting between now and November.   I just wanted to provide an overview of these events.

Shruginar - June 11th
This is a half day event that lets our GIS community share what they have been doing since the Workshop.   The Shruginar will have 6 presentations from some of our local organizations discussing the work they have been doing.

Developer Meet Up - One Evening in the Beginning of September
An after work social to let developers share their work.   ESRI will provide a short developer presentation and then we will have 6 to 8 lightning talks (5 to 10 minute presentations) from our local GIS developers highlighting their work.

The SHRUG Workshop - November 19th and 20th
A two day event that brings the GIS community together to find out what is going on in the GIS industry locally and abroad.  Watch out for the official announcement coming soon.


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