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Good Morning everyone,

eGIS Associates is excited to announce our newest service FlightPlanC for
ArcGIS Online.  eGIS' FlightPlanC is a tiered service that will help your
organization's ArcGIS Online investment take flight. Our tiers allow you to
plot a course that intersects your budget and needs. They include:


*	FlightPlanC Basic - Our ArcGIS Online experts help you determine
what ArcGIS Online Subscription level is right for your organization
*	FlightPlanC Standard - Includes the Basic tier service, plus setup
and configuration assistance with your ArcGIS Online Subscription and
training for your key staff members.
*	FlightPlanC Advanced - Includes all tier services, plus our experts
provide ongoing assistance with managing your ArcGIS Online Subscription,
site, shared services, maps, and applications.


If you would like to find out more about this new service or ArcGIS Online
please feel free to contact me. Esri is continually adding new tools and
functionality to ArcGIS Online making it a great and inexpensive way to
share geospatial data with users both inside and outside of your


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