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As the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) celebrates its first decade of
success, it continues to move forward with the production of an Exam
component and an investigation of how that can augment its well-received
voluntary portfolio process. 

At its annual strategic planning meeting in Denver, August 4, 2012, the
GISCI Board selected and contracted with a Project Manager to guide the
efforts to develop and deploy an exam component for the GIS Professional
Certification by 2015.  

Rebecca Somers, GISP, is a principal with Somers-St. Claire GIS Management
Consultants.  She has taken the lead in guiding the GISCI and the Exam
Development Workgroup, formed in August 2012, of industry representatives
from GISCI Member Organizations, in the completion of this phase of the exam
project, including engaging a leading exam development consultant. 

The Exam Development Workgroup has made great progress in exam planning and
the development planning process is now approaching completion.

The Board expects to make its decisions regarding exam development by the
First Quarter of 2013, and the target date for the Exam launch is the First
Quarter of 2015.  Throughout the exam development process, GISCI will seek
the participation of many GIS professionals.

GISCI President, Mike Vanhook remarks: "This is a very exciting and
challenging time for GISCI. Our organization has taken on significant
efforts to improve the certification process and add value to the GISP.
Rebecca Somers has done an exceptional job. She continues to meet our
expectations with timely and quality results that will provide GISCI with
the best possible outcome. We are ready to review the Exam Development Plan
and to begin developing the exam. With ongoing efforts GISCI is leading the
way in GIS professional certification and we are proud to do this for our
GIS professional community."

GISCI began its GIS Professional (GISP) certification program in 2003 with
foundational support from URISA and continued management services. Since
that time, GISCI has grown to become an independent, not-for-profit
organization with more than 5000 GISPs.  GISCI is comprised of five
geospatial organizations: Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
(URISA), the Association of American Geographers (AAG), Geospatial
Information & Technology Association (GITA), National States Geographic
Information Council (NSGIC), and the University Consortium for Geographic
Information Science (UCGIS). 

The Board has embarked on a methodical, multi-stage process to carefully
explore, develop, and implement a competency based examination by 2015,
reflecting a conviction that portfolio-based certification augmented by such
an examination has the potential to further advance the profession.


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