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Joe, that is a tall order, in Okaloosa County the Zoning may change on a weekly basis. You can download Okaloosa County Data here:

With that being said we have 7 municipalities in our county. We as Okaloosa County only have the County Zoning in our Database. Our policy is if you want City data you must request it from the city....

It will be interesting to see if someone has taken on this effort. I know the State Emergency Response Team has been compiling a State Wide GIS Depository, but I do not know the layers that they have.... Or how current the data is. Richards Contact info is below.......

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Good Morning,

I've been asked by a co-worker to acquire a GIS layer that depicts statewide Florida community development zoning designations.  I know this exists for many individual counties but does anyone have a statewide?


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