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Good Afternoon Shruggers,

I am trying to compile some rough numbers concerning GIS Certifications.
Below are a few questions I am hoping y'all will take some time to answer
and send back to me. I will share the results with the list.


1.      What GIS certifications have you heard of? 

a.      GISP

b.      Esri Technical

c.      CMS

d.      CP

e.      Certified GIS/LIS Technologist

f.       Other

2.      Do your require GISP certification for teams or companies responding
to RFPs for GIS services?

3.      Do you encourage GISPs be included in teams for GIS services if they
are not required? (i.e. offer a point bonus for teams with a GISP)

4.      Do you encourage Esri Certified personnel to be included in teams
for GIS Services?

5.      Do you require a GIS Certification (GISP, CMP, Esri, or other) for
any job positions? If so what?

6.      Does your organization offer a bonus or pay raise if you get a GIS



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