shrug-l: Trimble and CORS download issue resolved

Tripp Corbin tcorbin at
Mon Apr 14 14:49:02 EDT 2014

I have gotten word that the issue Trimble Positions and Pathfinder Office
was having downloading the CORS data for post processing has been resolved.
So everyone should be back up and running. 


The reason for last week's issues was NGS placed additional security
restrictions on the CORS data which was not allowing Trimble software to
download the data.  When planning for these changes, NGS planned for the use
of various internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Mozilla
for downloading the CORS data but not Trimble solutions. Trimble Support was
able to work with NGS to address the issue and correct it.


As I understand it, this is part of a larger upgrade NGS is doing to the
CORS system to allow it to send data for use with the Russian GLONASS and
new GPS L2C and L5 signals. This new improvements will increase the overall
accuracy and reliability that can be achieved with more modern GNSS
receivers that have the ability to receive these satellites and new signals.



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