shrug-l: Looking for a junior level GIS developer (Python and/or JavaScript)

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Tue Apr 22 11:53:09 EDT 2014

eGIS Associate is looking for junior level GIS developers with Python and/or
JavaScript experience that are willing to work on an as needed contract



This is a 1099 contract position with work done on an as needed basis. The
Junior level developer will work as part of the eGIS Development team to
develop scripts, apps and add-ins for our customers as requested using
primarily Python and/or JavaScript. He or she will be overseen by a Senior
Level developer and project manager. 


Developer will be able to work remotely and must be able to manage their own
time to ensure project schedules are met. Much of the work can be completed
outside of normal business hours though there may be some need to work, meet
or have conference calls during the day with clients. The developer will
need to provide their own computer, Office suit (Microsoft Office or Open
Office), internet connection, cell phone and workspace. eGIS will provide
access to GIS software for use on eGIS projects. 


Required Experience:

1 or more years' experience with Python and ArcGIS or ArcGIS Server
JavaScript API


Education Requirement:

GIS Certificate or higher a plus. Real world experience developing with
Python and/or JavaScript considered more important


Salary Range: 

Will depend on level of experience of skill of the applicant


Please contact me if you are interested. 


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