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Thu Apr 24 08:27:33 EDT 2014

Learn the ArcGIS for Land Records Parcel Editing Solution, a state-of-the-art solution that will improve your efficiency and data quality - all right out of the box.

Join us in May or June for a full day of training--Esri style. These are 30-person workshops with Esri specialists helping you "hands-on" from start to finish. You'll leave wondering how you ever got along before.
The Parcel Editing Solution will give your organization full access to ArcGIS for Land Records, part of the Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), ArcGIS for Local Government Solution.
Migration will enable you to:

*         Improve the quality of your parcel date

*         Increase office efficiency with the new parcel editing workflows

*         Maintain parcel data integrity and history
Change is hard. But we can make it easy. Let the migration begin.

Adam Carnow, GISP | Account Executive
Esri | 3325 Springbank Lane | Suite 200 | Charlotte, NC 28226
Office: 704.541.9810 x8679 | Cell: 980.355.2956

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