shrug-l: Albers to Geographical Coordinates

Sykes, John John.Sykes at
Fri Aug 29 15:08:17 EDT 2014

I've got some location data I am working with that is in tabular form in FDEP Albers coordinates (meters).

Unfortunately, I need them in either geographical (lat-long) coordinates (preferable) or State Plane Coordinates (way the second choice).  I use to have a website in Australia that had a converter (since Australia also uses Albers) that I could do the conversions back and forth with.  That website now gives me a 404 Error when I try to access it.  So, does anyone have a program or website that they know of to convert Albers to Lat-Long?  (Lat-Long to Albers is simple mathematically, the other way is not).

 -- John

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