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Wed Jan 8 14:15:35 EST 2014

Good Afternoon,

Happy New Year!

As the outgoing President of the Seven Hills Regional User Group for GIS I would like to thank all of the volunteers and board members that have made this an enjoyable experience.

Here is SHRUG's new Board of Officers.

Janelle Versnick - President
Ned Cake - Vice President
Duane Treadon - Treasurer
Ana Nowak - Secretary
Avis Wiggins - Registered Agent
David Kelly - Incorporator

Members of the SHRUG Board serve for two years and they are the back bone of all the great things that SHRUG does throughout the year.

SHRUG is a volunteer organization and can be made stronger by your contribution.  Contact any of the officers above to volunteer or show up at the next SHRUG Workshop Committee Meeting at Myers Park from 3:00 to 5:00 on January 14th.


Mike Kissane
Out Going SHRUG President
GIS Developer
City of Tallahassee
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