shrug-l: Close Contour Polyline's and edge

Bret Whiteley bretwhiteley at
Thu Mar 6 09:51:48 EST 2014

Morning Shruggers,

This list has been very quite for some time - hope its still working.

I generated contour lines from a DEM, and the lines are not closed where
the contour reached the edge of the DEM.  See the Graphic below which
illustrates this, for one contour interval.  I need to convert these
polylines to polygons to continue with my analysis.  To do this I need to
"close" these lines so that are continuous. Is there an tool, or script
that can do this for me?  We have ArcINFO 10.2, with extensions.  I feel
like in the old days ArcSCRIPTS would have had the solution to this.


[image: Inline image 2]
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