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The move to Desktop is pretty easy. No harder than any other past upgrade. I
would recommend going ahead and moving to 10.2.1 if you are going to make
the jump. 10.2.1 is really just the service packed version of 10.2. It fixes
many issues and bugs that we encountered. 


The upgrade to SDE is also pretty easy. One thing you might want to consider
is possibly moving to using the SQL Server Spatial format which is now
support with ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server. This would open up the ability to use
SQL management tools and queries within web, mobile and desktop apps. We
have found this often performs faster and better than having to always go
through SDE and Server. Of course always make sure to have a current back up
of your data before you upgrade so you can revert back if needed. 


As to server, I have heard some folks have had issues getting existing sites
to work once ArcGIS Server 10.2 or 10.2.1 has been installed. Several have
had to fight with configuration settings or completely recreate the sites.


I would recommend set up a test environment that mimics your current
production environment as much as possible. Then run the upgrade on it. This
will allow you to test and see what might happen before you upgrade your
production environment. Every upgrade is different and you never know what
you might encounter from one to the next. A little planning and testing up
front can save a lot of headaches and teeth gridding later. 


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I am thinking about moving up from 10.1 to 10.2 including the 10.2 desktop
and server (SDE as well as Map server/services).  Does anyone have some
experiences or stories to share?  Thanks and appreciate in advance Yurong


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