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I am impressed by the recognition the Tallahassee/Leon County GIS received.
They deserve it.  They’ve exploited ESRI software and their data and programming staff in the best way possible,  getting great products while keeping staff happy.  They are also great at sharing their data –that is not always the case with government entities.

It irritates me that FAMU never allowed me to serve campus maps to the public.  I developed campus wide ESRI  ArcServer applications  for administrative and public use.
For Administrative use, all buildings linked to the network are shown on two maps.  Communication rooms and their contents are listed as architectural drawings with linked inventory lists and photographs.   Using AutoDesk Design Review and Cisco Prime, most wireless access points are mapped on two independent systems, clearly displayed  in web-enable architectural drawings. EIT staff can find a building, open a floor and see if APs are happy, then link to any AP and show the number, MAC and name of all users.  It’s pretty impressive.  This data was created and served for administrative use only.

I created another map served through ArcGIS Server with non-proprietary data, displaying the campus with great Digital Photographs (Courtesy of the TLC) with a  added detail,  allowing  students, parents, faculty and staff to find their way around campus.
I have not been allowed to make it public.  It’s infuriating, after going through so many versions of ArcServer,  from the earliest ArcIMS through ArcServer  to 8.1 .  I displayed the campus on top of ESRI's North American Streetmap and on Google  Earth.
I retire in April 2015.  If it haven’t been able to convince administration we need a public FAMU map in the last ten years, it won’t happen tomorrow.

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Check out these great articles on the work Tallahassee/Leon County is doing with Story Maps

Penny Wise

Creating their own Narrative

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